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Sputnik Chandelier by Oscar Torlasco

Sputnik style chandelier designed by Oscar Torlasco, made of brass and enameled metal.

Six arms of light with white or black cones are set into two concentric brass arcs, pointing toward the central decorative sphere.


Oscar Torlasco (1934-2004)

Oscar Torlasco is an Italian designer who concentrated most of his career on lighting design working for many lighting firms, such as Esperia, Lumen and Lumi, these last two brands where he spent the most time and of which he was artistic director. He is part with Gino Sarfatti at Arteluce and Gaetano Sciolari at Stilnovo one of the three greatest Italian designers of lighting over the period 1950 - 1960. Particularly active during this period, Oscar Torlasco produced lamps, sconces and floor lamps. He used various materials in his creations including lacquered metal, marble, crystal and brass. Its eclectic style ranges from Italian Art Deco to a more Industrial and Space Age style. He is also known for his luminaires with optical glass lenses, one of his signatures. Among his highest recognitions is the Compasso d'Oro for the Genova 4053 model in 1959.

Sputnik Chandelier by Oscar Torlasco

  • Dimensions

    Height: 45.28 in (115 cm)

    Diameter: 27.56 in (70 cm)

  • Reference


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