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Pair of Murano Glass Wall Sconces by Carlo Scarpa

Pair of wall sconces made of a painted metal structure from which hangs five stacks of two Murano glass blown pieces.

One source of light per sconce.


CARLO SCARPA (1906 – 1978)

Carlo Scarpa was an Italian architect and designer who drew inspiration from the materials, landscape, and history of Venetian culture, as well as from Japan. Scarpa skillfully integrated his interests in history, regionalism, invention, and artistic craftmanship into innovative glass and furniture designs. Scarpa's architectural style reflects a deep sensitivity to the passage of time, encompassing seasonal changes and historical contexts, rooted in a rich material imagination. He imparted his knowledge by teaching drawing and interior decoration at the Istituto universitario di architettura di Venezia from the late 1940s until his death. While most of his architectural creations are situated in the Veneto region, he designed landscapes, gardens, and buildings for other regions of Italy, Canada and Europe. Besides being an architect, Scarpa was a designer who began his career collaborating with glassmakers in Murano. He designed jars and chandeliers for MVM Cappellin & Co. and Venini. In the 1960’s, he entered the realm of industrial design after meeting Dino Gavina, where Scarpa became the president of the eponymous company Gavina.

Pair of Murano Glass Wall Sconces by Carlo Scarpa

  • Dimensions

    Height: 16.54 in (42 cm)

    Width: 9.85 in (25 cm)

    Depth: 7.09 in (18 cm)

  • Reference


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