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Giarusso Earth Tones Ceramic Table Lamp with Dedar Lamp Shade

Vintage ceramic table lamp in earth tones with small dots of colours by Raphael Giarrusso in the 1960s. Topped with a new lampshade with Dedar Milano fabric.


Raphaël Giarrusso (1925-1986)

Canadian painter, sculptor and ceramist who established himself in France since 1948 until his death in 1986. Best known for his ceramics creations, he started his artistic formation in the School of Fine Arts in Montreal. Considered a promising student, he obtained a scholarship from the Canadian government to study in Paris in 1948. In Paris encountered some financial difficulties and moved to Accolay, a town of ceramists, in the region of the Yonne where some of his friends were living and producing ceramics.

In August 1953, Giarrusso started working for André Boutaud at the Poteries d'Accolay. He stayed there for ten years working as a decorator.

He became familiar with the world of ceramics, working with Daniel Auger, Turner, Fedor Iodtschine, a chemist assigned to enamels, but also with the ceramist Georges Pelletier, the sculptors François Brochet and Pierre Merlier and the painter Georges Hosotte, some of the best-known artists who temporarily lend their talent to the various experiments in Accolay ceramics.

In 1964, Raphaël Giarrusso set up his studio at 9 rue Guilbert Latour in Vermenton. And joined forces with Georges Pelletier to found "L'atelier Rébeval" in Paris at 82 rue Rébeval in the 19th arrondissement but the collaboration didn’t last long.

His ceramics are well known for his medieval characters, his stylized animals reflecting and his ceramic lamp bases, vases and dishes.

Giarusso Earth Tones Ceramic Table Lamp with Dedar Lamp Shade

  • Dimensions

    Height: 21.66 in (55 cm)

    Diameter: 9.85 in (25 cm)

  • Reference


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