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Unique Piece Poet Laval Glazed Wall Sconce

decorative wall sconce made in glazed ceramic, overall beige colour with each nooks in a different colour.

Signed on the back "piece unique", Poet Laval.


Poët Laval

The pottery tradition of Poët-Laval, a picturesque commune in the southeastern France, has a rich history intertwined with artistic innovation and traditional craftmanship. Poët-Laval has been home to various potters and ceramic artists who have expressed their creativity through the medium of clay. From Etienne Noël to Marie-Louis Piolet, Gabriel Barnier, Jules Bel et Marius Thuilier. The styles of the pieces made by the potters of Poët-Laval can range from functional utilitarian pieces to more artistic works always mixing tradition and artistry in every piece.

Unique Piece Poet Laval Glazed Wall Sconce

  • Dimensions

    Height: 18.12 in (46 cm)

    Width: 8.67 in (22 cm)

    Depth: 4.73 in (12 cm)

  • Reference


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