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Louis Durot Unique Steel Floor Lamp

Unique floor lamp by the french sculptor and artist Louis Durot.

This enlighten sculpture is made of two sheets of steel symmetrically cut and bent.



Louis Durot

Born in Paris in 1939, Louis Durot is a globally recognized chemical engineer renowned for his mastery of polyurethane and stands as one of the last living and active Pop Art designers. His unique expertise in polyurethane opened the doors to César Baldaccini’s workshop, where their collaboration gave birth to the playful sculptor series “Expansions”. Durot’s furniture pieces are very innovative and unprecedent and are inspired by comic forms. Expanding his repertoire of materials, he incorporated metal, particularly in the creation of luminaires. These fixtures are meticulously crafted from stainless-steel sheets, skillfully shaped into elegant and stylized forms. A prominent figure in the history of contemporary French design, Louis Durot embodies both the artist and designer facets. His creations are not merely functional but also delightful to observe and use.

Louis Durot Unique Steel Floor Lamp

  • Dimensions

    Height: 63 in (160 cm)

    Width: 37.41 in (95 cm)

    Depth: 13.39 in (34 cm)

  • Reference


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