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Hans Agne Jakobsson Chandelier model 769/4

Chandelier by the Swedish lighting design master Hans Agne Jakobsson, this chandelier model 769/4 is made of four blocks of painted metal each holding one light source held together by a brass frame. Long vertical stem that can be shorten.

Original manufacturer stickers.


Hans-Agne Jakobsson (1919-2009)

Born in the island of Gotland, Sweden, Hans-Agne Jakobson is one of the most important Swedish designers of the XXth century.

He studied architecture in Gothenburg and completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. His first job was as an industrial designer was at General Motors and later as the assistant of Carl Malmsten.

In 1950, he designed his first lightning suspensions: a pine slat suspension lamp to soften direct light on a window shop, this model knew a great success. Jakobsson started producing this model and 1951, he founded his own company: Hans-Agne Jakobsson AB.

In over 50 years of activity, he created more than 2000 light models using wood, copper, brass, fringed fabrics, brass, and glass.

His designs are timeless pieces that are highly sought for by collectors around the world.

Hans Agne Jakobsson Chandelier model 769/4

  • Dimensions

    Height: 64.18 in (163 cm)

    Width: 16.15 in (41 cm)

    Depth: 16.15 in (41 cm)

  • Reference


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